“Tsinghua Unigroup chip”Security U Key Escorts 360 Mobile Phone’s Launch
On August 21, 360 flagship mobile phone N7 PRO and other star products launched at Beijing 751 D. PARK. With its financial-grade security chip, TMC helps 360 new mobile phone "hard and soft combination, security guard". Leading figures of both enterprises Mr. Zhou Hongyi, Mr. Li Kaixin, Mr. Ma Daojie and Mr. Yue Chao attended the launch event.

TMC Obtained the Largest IoT Orders
Recently, TMC, the core subsidiary of Guoxin Micro, won the bids of "Chip-based Internet of Things Security Certification Service Platform Procurement Project (Wafer Section)" and "eSIM Wafer Procurement Project" invited by China Mobile Internet of Things, and got substantial orders. TMC became the first choice of security chip and the only candidate of eSIM wafer in China Mobile Internet of Things.

TMC Launched New Products at Commercial Code Conference
On July 26, the Financial Industry Commercial Code Application Conference jointly sponsored by Press and Financial Cryptography Application Group of State Cryptography Administration was held in Beijing.
Guoxin Micro and 360 Group Jointly Build “Automobile Security Brain”
On June 29th, the twenty-second China International Software Expo opened in Beijing Exhibition Hall. Guoxin Micro made an alliance with 360 Group, which is the largest internet security company in China, launched the "Automobile Security Brain" -- automobile network security chip, to ensure the car network security program landed from both hardware and software sides.