4500 TMC Health Experience Cards Show You Hygiene Information Conference

Published:2017-5-20 11:15

The 12th China Hygiene Information Technology Conference and Software Product & Equipment Expo was grandly held in Qingdao, Shandong province on 18-20, May, 2017. Chips THD86 and THD88 from Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “TMC”) were exhibited and drew considerable interest, they are featured with high security, large capacity, multi application and specially designed for China residential health card industry. The theme of “Health card Chip expert” highlights TMC’s leading position in the residential health card field. 4500 residential health experience cards exclusively sponsored by TMC show the unique charm of healthcare system by a tiny “health chip”.

The theme of this Hygiene Conference is “Big data, Enlarged health, Grand fusion, Great development”. Under the background of big data, enlarged health and grand fusion, how to face China hygiene information’s great development becomes a new topic. As a vendor engaging in residential health card chip in the field of hygiene information industry, TMC has been concentrating on offering a diversity of high quality chip and providing customers with more convenient and efficient implement solutions. THD86 and THD88 are specially designed for residential health card and financial application, which are featured with high security, large capacity and multi application, and represent the top level of residential health card chip industry. At present, TMC residential health card chip products have obtained Cipher Algorithm Certificate II, UnionPay Chip Security Certificate and EAL4+, THD88 is the first chip in China that obtains international CC EAL5+ Certificate. TMC chips have obtained wide recognition from market In Sichuan, Yinchuan and Xianyang.

As the unique experience card sponsor, TMC provided each audience with one residential health card (experience card). Audiences could experience medical clinic by using this experience card and feel the convenience by hygiene information. Meanwhile, on the occasion of this expo, TMC delivered its utmost sincere and excellent quality to all audiences.

At the expo, TMC’s vice president Mr. Wang Jinyi said: “The overall development of residential health card goes well, focusing on certain regions. We believe that, the combination of residential health card and industry application is a new model for rapidly improving card issuance, and chip with high capacity and multi application is the precondition of this model, which not only satisfy cardholder ‘s convenience demand, but also guarantee card issuers’ the capital revenue. In the future, TMC will continue improving the development of China residential health card industry, making unremitting efforts to promote China health information’s development, accelerating deep integration of information technology and hygiene health.”