Non-contact Ammeter Chip Representative: TMC Ammeter Industry Chip Appear on 2017 China Electrical Instrumentation Exhibition

Published:2017-4-12 13:57

On 12 April, 2017 34th China Electrical Instrumentation Industry Development Technical Session and Exhibition was opened in Hangzhou. As a leading IC card chip supplier, TMC highlighted two products and solutions in smart ammeter industry with the theme of “Customized Ammeter Solution, All For You”.

THM3010 EMC B-Level Standard Non-contact Read/Write Chip

THM3010 is a standardized 13.56MHz non-contact read/write chip, which is consistent with the standard of EMC B-level. This product is featured with low power consumption and adjustable transmitting power. The communication baud rate could be reached to 848kb/s, which possesses stable performance in high/low temperature, secure and reliable quality.

THTRC805 High Precision RTC Chip

THTRC805 is a type of high precision RTC chip, with build-in 32.768kHZ DTCXO and I2C bus interface based communication mode. Its design function is fully compatible with the mainstream products in the market, especially completely consistent in the aspects of pin definition, bus protocol, register selection as well, it is superior to the mainstream products in some specified characteristics such as compensation precision.

At this exhibition, a variety of ammeter industry chip and customized solutions for smart ammeter chip from TMC have been highly recognized and praised by users. As a leading supplier of IC card chip, TMC focuses on IC card and IT chip design, Its products have been widely used in government, telecommunications, finance, hygiene, social security, public transport, security terminal, smart ammeter and other industries, the annual volume is over 1.3 billion. In the future, TMC will continue persevering in self-dependent innovation, combined with the ammeter industry’s market demand, providing users with securer, more reliable and practical ammeter industry solution, and promoting the integration and development of power industry.