Give Back to Alma Mater, Tsinghua Unigroup Donates Tsinghua University Alumni Card

Published2018-5-11 10:25

In the morning of April 28, Tsinghua Unigroup Tsinghua University Alumni Card donation ceremony launched, it is the date that Tsinghua Universitys 107th anniversary. Mr. Shi Zongkai, vice president of Tsinghua University affairs committee and vice president of Tsinghua alumni association, and Mr. Li Yanhe, Secretary of Tsinghua Unigroup attended the ceremony and made speeches. Mr. Ma Daojie, vice chairman & president of Unigoup Guoxin Micro and Mr. Tang Jie, general secretary of Tsinghua alumni association signed the Donation Intent Letter and completed the handing-over ceremony.

Both smart card chip and card reader chip involved in Tsinghua University alumni card are self-designed by Unigroup Guoxin Micro., which is a listed company focuses on the chip design field controlled by Tsinghua Unigroup. With the mission of "making information and connecting more secure" and the vision of "become the leader of security chip", Unigroup Guoxin Micro. has been actively participating in the chip-cloud strategy" and acting as the main force of the "chip industry" in Tsinghua Unigroup.

Tsinghua Unigroup has been supporting Tsinghua University in various areas for years, the donation conducted by Tsinghua Unigroup also stems from its high responsibility of "dedicating to country, supporting education, giving back to alma mater". Mr. Li Yanhe said: Adhering to Tsinghua University motto "self-discipline and social commitment", Tsinhua Unigroup will create a world-class Chip to cloud high-tech industrial group.

Mr. Shi Zongkai said, University highly appreciates Unigroups strong support in shaping education concepts and students' personal growth over the years. It is hoped that Tsinghua Unigroup would undertake positive role in education and make outstanding contributions in core technology field.

It is learnt that Tsinghua University alumni card meets alumnis strong demand. It will be issued to some grades since 2018. Alumni could enter University and the library with the card, and more functions would be loaded gradually. The secure alumni card serves as a bridge, to help alma mater become a "warm home for alumni".