TMC has been awarded eSIM certificate by China Mobile IoT Alliance

Published:2018-5-18 10:29

On May 17, 2018, “IoT eSIM Industry Cooperation and Development Seminar“ was held in Xi’an province. More than 100 well-known enterprises, such as TMC, HUAWEI, Tel Terminal Laboratory and China Mobile Research Institute were invited to the siminar. China Mobile IoT Alliance issued “China Mobile IoT Alliance eSIM Excutive Committee Certificate” to 30 members including TMC. The progress of eSIM excutive committee, technology development of China Mobile eUiCC and cases regarding to eSIM techonology application were also discussed in the seminar.


As the development of international IoT, China Mobile IoT Alliance estabalised in Nov.,2017, so far, there are more than 300 members. Its eSIM excutive committee is responsible for pormoting the implementation of excellent products and solutions, in order to promote China’s IoT industry in to the forefront of the world.


With its own core technology, TMC has been engaging in the IC design in IoT, mobile communication fields, laying out eSIM lines to meet industry’s performance indicators and packaging requirements, has a unique leading advantage in the industry. As a new member of China Mobile IoT Alliance eSIM executive committee, TMC will continue to launch more secure and high-quality eSIM products, to contribute for “new age of Internet of Everything”.