Unigroup Guoxin Micro Concentrates on Chip, Help to Make eSIM Universal

Published:2018-5-31 10:38

On May 30th, 2018 the third eSIM Technology and Innovation Summit, hosted by the Communications World and Trust Show, was successfully held in Beijing. With the theme of "Chip Upgrade, Future Connection by Intelligence”, three major operators, Unigroup Guoxin Micro, GSMA, Alibaba, Gemalto, G+D, Tianyu and other 200 industry organizations, IoT solution provider, chip manufacturers, intelligent hardware manufacturers and application dealers met and discussed the development of eSIM industry and eSIM ecological reform.


How to make eSIM's "intelligent products and Applications" universal will become an unavoidable tendency for the new era of the Internet of Things. Mr. Zhu Han, vice president of Unigroup Guoxin Micro, is full of confidence: "at present, the demand of eSIM, consumer electronics, industrial electronics is different and so is the cost, as the continuous evolution of technical standards and   growing maturity of industrial chain, eSIM will develop rapidly, meanwhile promote more kinds of related products and applications. With regard to the cost trend, Mr. Zhu: "operators, chip makers, card dealers, terminal merchants and other upstream and downstream enterprises combine to expand and strengthen the industrial chain, which will accelerate product cost reduction. As the leading enterprise in the domestic IC chip design field, Unigroup Guoxin Micro possesses the leading technology and rich market experience, and has confidence and ability to explore new breakthroughs in the industry development with all the partners and realize the sustainable development of eSIM industry.


Unigroup Guoxin Micro makes full use of advantages of Tsinghua Unigroup, constructs a healthy business ecosystem, together with a large number of partners to realize the eSIM whole industry chain’s information sharing and cooperation and help the eSIM to open up a new life of intelligent IoT.