Cooperation with Goldpac, Unigoup Guoxin Micro Contributes to the Globalization of China Financial Science and Technology Industry

Published:2018-6-9 10:51

"2018 Global Service Outsourcing Conference" was held in Zhuhai on June 9, 2018. Mr. Ma Daojie, president of Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. ("Unigroup Guoxin Micro" for short), and Mr. Lu Runting, chairman of the board of Goldpac Group Ltd., were invited and announced to join forces for the globalization of China financial service industry during the conference. With their respective advantages in technology, industry, management and brand, Unigroup Guoxin Micro and Goldpac will get involved an extensive corporation in the fields of mobile intelligent payment and Internet of things, branch out the global financial outsourcing service scheme, promote the innovation of financial science and technology, and bring about the goal of innovation & win-win development.


Mr. Ma Daojie said, "Innovation is the first driving force to the development. As the leader of the security chip, Unigroup Guoxin Micro has formed a strong technical and product capability in the development of financial technology. Relying on the comprehensive and close cooperation between Unigroup Guoxin Micro and Goldpac, both sides will strengthen R&D of new products and new technologies, make further efforts to advance the development of domestic financial science and technology industry. Besides, we will practice the development strategy of the Belt and Road, seize the opportunities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao area development, fully integrate technology and resources advantages, expedite the globalization proceedings of China financial service industry, and promote the international influence of domestic brands.”


Mr. Lu Runting, chairman of the board of Goldpac said: "Innovation is the mainstay of financial technology development. Goldpac will continue to increase the investment in financial science and technology innovation, do our utmost to build Baojia financial science and technology center, make it a frontier for the internationally competitive innovation & technology interchange and financial technology industry connection. The corporation with Unigroup Guoxin Micro will not only accelerate domestic financial outsourcing service industry to the high end of the global value chain, but also further promote the application and promotion of the "China chip" worldwide.”