Guoxin Micro and 360 Group Jointly Build “Automobile Security Brain”

Published:2018-6-30 14:48

On June 29th, the twenty-second China International Software Expo opened in Beijing Exhibition Hall. Guoxin Micro made an alliance with 360 Group, which is the largest internet security company in China, launched the "Automobile Security Brain" -- automobile network security chip, to ensure the car network security program landed from both hardware and software sides.


Tsinghua Unigroup and 360 Group have reached a strategic cooperation recently, based on their respective security technology advantages in hardware and software, they built a joint security laboratory "Tsinghua Unigroup-360". As a listed semiconductor company of Tsinghua Unigroup, Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (SZ002049) is a leading provider of security chip products and solutions. It has accumulated a strong reserve of technology and talents in the fields of intelligent terminals, automobile network security, Internet of Things and so on, its chip R&D design capability ranks first in the world.


The“360 automobile security brain”--automobile network security chip is jointly launched by 360 group and Guoxin Micro. The chip possesses the advantages of both high security and high performance, and will be put on the automobile network related market in large quantities, aimed to build a real-time protection system for intelligent automobiles and help to set up IoT security ecological environment. Both parties cooperate should-to-should, and will eventually realize the grand vision of "Smart City, Safe Travel".