TMC Launched New Products at Commercial Code Conference

Published:2018-7-26 14:54

On July 26, the Financial Industry Commercial Code Application Conference jointly sponsored by <Financial Computerization> Press and Financial Cryptography Application Group of State Cryptography Administration was held in Beijing. Mr. Li Wei, director of the Science and Technology Department of the People's Bank of China, Mr. Huo Wei, vice director of the Commercial Code Administration Office of State Cryptographic Administration, Mr. Zhang Yongfu, general manager of China Financial Computerization Corporation, and Mr. Ma Daojie, president of Guoxin Micro attended the meeting. As the representatives of conference support companies, Mr. Zou Chongren, vice president of TMC, Mr. Zhang Xing, vice general manager of China Financial Certification Authority, and Mr. Shao Xiaodong, general manager of Safety Management Department of Ant Financial made important keynote speeches.  They discussed the promotion and application of commercial code in the financial industry.


Mr. Zou Chongren said, as the core industry of Guoxin Micro, who aims at “the leader of security chip”, TMC has always been committed to the R&D design of commercial code chip, product innovations and improvement of product information security level, actively advocating and practicing commercial code applications in the field of chip. TMC’s nearly 20 state- cryptography products have been widely used in financial payments, mobile communications, identity recognition, the Internet of Things and many other fields. TMC has made breakthroughs especially in financial IC card chip’s design: from the first generation of THD86 to the second generation of best-selling products THD88, and then to the latest generation of THD89, based on their high security, high reliability, three generations of "Unigroup Chip" has been caught up with and surpassed the advanced world levels and become the industry leader. At present, TMC has been certified by both international algorithm and state algorithm, and has been listed in the major state-owned bank cards issuing projects, covered the vast majority of joint-stock banking projects. TMC chip spreads all over the world and makes “Unigroup chip” to the world.


During the conference, TMC launched the new generation of financial IC card chip THD89. The product has the most advanced technology in the world, and its performance indicators are second to none. The company technicians demonstrated its "flash payment" function to the participants on the spot, which payment speed is far faster than that of similar products, which attracted the great attention of leaders and experts.