“Tsinghua Unigroup chip”Security U Key Escorts 360 Mobile Phone’s Launch

Published:2018-8-21 13:09

On August 21, 360 flagship mobile phone N7 PRO and other star products launched at Beijing 751 D. PARK. With its financial-grade security chip, TMC helps 360 new mobile phone "hard and soft combination, security guard". Leading figures of both enterprises Mr. Zhou Hongyi, Mr. Li Kaixin, Mr. Ma Daojie and Mr. Yue Chao attended the launch event.


As security experts in its respect fields of software and hardware, 360 mobile phone and TMC aims at mobile phone’s security point, launching a ”more extreme" mobile phone security hardware--360 security U key, to add a "hardware lock" for mobile phone’s "hard core" data and user property security. The financial protection performance of 360 U key mainly depends on the operation of the built-in security chip, which is independently R&D by TMC. The chip has been certified by the State Cryptography Second Level Security Certification and CC EAL4+ certification. The security protection level has reached the bank product standard, and can effectively realize the security protection of user's core privacy data.


The joint launch of security U key by 360 mobile phone and TMC enriches the mobile phone application ecology, sets a new benchmark for security field of mobile phone. TMC is the core subsidiary of Guoxin Microas the leading enterprise of domestic security chips, TMC provides high-quality security chip products and professional solutions for financial payment, identification, intelligent terminals, communications, Internet of Things, automobile networking and other fields with years of talent and technical reserves. In recent years, many well-known enterprises have cooperated closely with TMC to promote the solution of terminal security problems in the era of interconnection of all things, so as to realize the vision of the safe IoT.