First in China! TMC New-Generation Security Chips Have Received Certification by International Organization

Published:2018-11-9 17:24

On October 30th, the International CC Conference ICCC Safety Certification Awarding Ceremony was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Ge Yuanqing, chairman of TMC, received SOGIS CC EAL5+ Security Certification. The preparation to achieve the standards of CC EAL5+ certification was completed in cooperation with the internationally renowned security assessment laboratory, which was highly recognized by SOGIS, a senior official organization of CCRA. TMC has become the first chip manufacturer in China to receive SOGIS CC EAL5+ security certification. This is another breakthrough achieved by Unigroup chips after the obtaining the CC EAL5+ certification in 2016.

The certified new-generation security chip was independently developed by TMC. It has obtained both international and national algorithm certifications, UnionPay chip security certification, ISCCC EAL4+ and so on. It is among the chips of highest security level in the world.

This product is a dual interface security chip adopting the most advanced technology in the financial field. It has excellent radio-frequency performance and working distance, abundant communication interface, low chip power consumption, large storage, fast operation and transaction. The results of all performance indicators of this product far exceed those of competitors. It has been sold in bulk to major banks at home and abroad, to be used in financial payment, public transportations, social security, identification, IoT and many other fields.

As the core subsidiary of GUOXIN MICRO, TMC has been advancing the upgrade of chip technology in the spirit of continuous innovation, and has been the first in selling Chinese chip products to oversea market. The two generations of security chip products have won international CC security certification, making new record of Chinese chip security qualification. TMC adheres to the vision of “To lead the security chip industry” and continuously accumulates the “chip” strengths, striving for a leading position in the world.


SOGIS (Senior Official Group Information Systems Security) is a senior official organization among CCRA members.

SOGIS is mainly responsible for the standardization of CC protection profiles and authentication strategies. The published technical documents cover areas including security algorithm technical requirements, methods of attack and technical requirements, and site security technical requirements. Compared with traditional CC certification, SOGIS imposes higher security requirements for certain application areas, works more carefully in conducting evaluation with longer certification time and higher security levels, and the issued security certifications are more recognized.