"Grand Slam Won"! Winning the Bid for ICBC Marks the Milestone of Being Selected by ALL Six Major State-owned Banks.

Published:2018-11-16 17:34

In the past few days, the results of bidding for all ICBC chip cards (blank cards) of UnionPay, Visa and MasterCard were released, and TMC security chip products won the bid. By this point, TMC has won the "Great Slam", selected by all six major state-owned banks, marking a breakthrough in the filed of financial IC cards.

Driven by the tides of technology, the financial payment industry has developed rapidly. Bank cards have been an important means of payment in daily life, which have extremely high requirements of security and stability. The major banks attach great importance to the performance of financial IC cards, and many chip manufactures have included the financial IC card chip market in their developing master plans. With leading technological edges and the most advanced production techniques in the field of smart cards, TMC has won many recognitions: TMC products have won international and national algorithm certifications, EMVCo certification, UnionPay chip security certification, ISCCC EAL4+, CC EAL5+. The products are widely used in all major state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and dozens of local commercial banks. Besides, TMC is among the first to issue cards in bulk for overseas banks.

The recent winning of the bid for the world's most influential bank, ICBC, once again proves that Unigroup chips have remarkable strengths, marking another milestone to financial IC card market development of TMC. It is said that the winning chip products are of high security, fast transaction and good compatibility, and can be commended as of the most secure bank card chips in the world. It is a "star" product among Unigroup chips and can be widely used in various scenarios.

In the future, TMC will introduce more benchmark products of high security and professional and flexible financial payment solutions, to constantly refresh the “chip” records of the financial payment industry, to enhance the “chip” using experience and to accelerate the upgrade of Chinese chips in the era of financial technology.