Unigroup Chip, the only Chinese Chip Passing the Test of China Unicom eSIM Platform

Published:2018-11-20 17:38

Recently, the security chip products independently developed by TMC have passed the test of China Unicom eSIM platform. This means the products are up to the eSIM standards issued by the GSMA Association, and can be directly embedded in eSIM terminal devices. This further suggests that TMC has obtained the issuing capability of China Unicom eSIM card. The Unigroup chip has become the first and the only Chinese chip that has passed the test so far.

With the rise of IoT and NB-IOT technology, eSIM is playing an increasingly important role in mobile communication services, performing multiple functions such as authentication, encryption and transmission, where information security is a major concern among enterprises along the industrial chain. As an important player of IoT eSIM industry in China, in April this year, TMC joined the eSIM industry cooperation alliance initiated by China Unicom, actively promoted the development of eSIM technology, and launched a variety of high-performance security chip products.

The security chip products that have passed the test of China Unicom continue to have the advantages of Unigroup chips, featuring security, reliability, large storage and so on. The products help save more terminal storage, are more adaptable to complicated external environments and have longer service life and data retention period. The products live up to the extremely high security and stability requirements of eSIM. What’s more, the products support the new business mode of “One Number Multiple Terminal”, which enables more than one smart terminals such as mobile phones, digital watches and tablets to simultaneously share a one number through Internet. This contributes to the freeing of mobile phones from being the sole terminal, and will accelerate the usage of new eSIM technology in China, contributing to the expansion of global market for Chinese eSIM chips.

At present, TMC chip products for SIM cards have been serialized and can be widely used in mobile phone eSE, SWP-SIM, M2M and eSIM. Looking forwards to the future, TMC will continue to uphold the values of being open, innovative and cooperative, and provide excellent products and solutions to partners, to meet the diverse demands of the telecom application market and to deepen the development of various fields involved in the industry. TMC will work with partners in the industry for a more secure IoT ecosystem.