TMC T9 Becomes the First Security Chip Product Certified by Alibaba Cloud ID² INSIDE

Published:2018-11-20 17:43

Recently, TMC security chip product T9 has integrated Alibaba Cloud Link ID2 device identity authentication service, becoming the first in the SE security chip field certified by Alibaba Cloud ID2 INSIDE. This indicates that TMC and Alibaba Cloud IoT have achieved a deeper level of cooperation, and TMC products will support the security upgrade of Alibaba Cloud IoT.

With the popularization of IoT devices, especially the rise of the sharing economy and M2M, how to ensure device security and identity authentication security has become a primary concern of all enterprises along the industrial chain. With the mission of “ensuring the security of information and connections”, TMC has been working hard in the field of security chips for many years. Besides, TMC shares with Alibaba Cloud IoT the understanding of building a secure IoT ecosystem. As a member of the ICA (International Co-operative Alliance), TMC has been cooperating with Alibaba Cloud IoT for a long time. TMC also participated in the compilation of ID2-SIM Identity Authentication Application Instruction Set Specification, which was released in October this year and has aroused great interest in the industry and beyond.

TMC T9 ‘s being certified by Alibaba Cloud ID2 INSIDE is a sign of further and deeper cooperation with Alibaba Cloud IoT. Independently developed by TMC, T9 has strong competencies in the market. The products have been highly spoken for its security, capacity and reliability. The integration of Alibaba Cloud Link ID2 further secures the communication, identity authentication and data encryption of IoT devices. Furthermore, it will greatly expand the areas of application to Internet of Vehicles, Wearable, Smart City and other industries, providing customers with more optimized solutions in terms of security, cost and power consumption.

Looking forwards to the future, TMC will seek for co-development with partners like Alibaba Cloud IoT, to empower ecological construction of IoT security with more high-quality security chip products, for the continuous growth of global IoT industry.

About Alibaba Cloud Link ID2

Alibaba Cloud Link ID2 (Internet Device ID) is a trusted identity mark for IoT devices. It has the security attributes including non-tamperability, unforgeability, and globally unique identification. It is the key infrastructure for IoE and service exchange. ID2 supports carriers of various security levels, provides different embedded system SDKs through service access frameworks supplied in the cloud, which effectively balances IoT’s demands in security, cost, power consumption, etc., and provides customers with affordable, easy-to-use, ensured, fast-accessible security solutions.