Unigroup & China Unicom IoTs Joint Innovation Center Established to Greet the 5G Era and the Era of eSIM.

Published2019-4-29 20:17

On April 28th, GUOXIN MICRO and China Unicom Internet of Things (IoT) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Nanjing and established a joint innovation center, to promote the IoT innovation and security. Chen Xiaotian, general manager of China Unicom IoT, He Fei, deputy general manager of China Unicom IoT, Ma Daojie, vice CEO of Unigroup Global and president of GUOXIN MICRO, and Yue Chao, president of GUOXIN MICRO business development, attended the signing and unveiling ceremony.


The 5G era is the era of the Internet of Everything, and it is also the era of eSIM. At present, the growth of global mobile Internet connections are slowing down, while the number of IoT connections is increasing strongly. It is estimated that the number of the IoT connections will reach 50.1 billion by 2020. The explosive growth of the IoT market indicates great potential for eSIM technology. By 2025, eSIM connections are estimated to account for more than 50%. In this background, Unigroup and China Unicom have reached closer cooperation, in which the two will integrate their best resources, jointly identify the technical development trend and application prospects of eSIM, invest in eSIM capacity building, provide IoT solutions and grasp the IoT-triggered opportunities such as 5G and AI. The two work together to quickly seize the market and to achieve a win-win situation.


Chen Xiaotian, general manager of China Unicom IoT, said that the IoT is greeting a new phase of cross-border cooperation, integrated innovation and larger-scale development. China Unicom IoT will cooperate with GUOXIN MICRO in three major areas: First, work together to promote eSIM business by implementing eSIM solutions. Secondly, in the field of IoT security, fully utilize GUOXIN MICROs chip development technology in the areas of payment, IoV, IoT, etc., to ensure the product security and empower the digital economy. In addition, deepen the cooperation in the consumer electronics, IoT, smart home and other fields, to co-construct a win-win situation in the new era of the IoT.


Ma Daojie, president of GUOXIN MICRO, said that Unigroup is one of the largest integrated IC companies in China, well equipped with a complete industrial chain from chip to cloud. As a core subsidiary of the chip business of Unigroup, GUOXIN MICRO has been focusing on chip design, taking the lead in the global market segment of security chip. A new era of Internet of Everything is just around the corner, when connections are to become the norm, and chips will be further widely applied in the IoT. Unigroup will join hands with China Unicom to continuously focus on multi-dimensional technological innovations, provide chip solutions for the industry, accelerate the IoT security capability building, jointly build the IoT ecosystem through the IoT platform, and create greater value together with partners along the industry chain.


The strategic alliance between Unigroup and China Unicom signifies an alliance of leading chip technology, strong operational capability and quality services. Unigroup has been deeply working on security chips for years and is committed to ensure the security of information and connections. At the technical level, it has obtained many renowned certifications home and abroad such as International EMVCo Certification, UnionPay Chip Security Certification, ISCCC EAL4+, International SOGIS CC EAL5+, and has made a number of technological breakthroughs in security chip design in China. As for the market, it has formed a competitive position in the IoT security, financial payment, identification, mobile communication and so on. The products and applications are used all over the world, and the security chips are shipped nearly 10 billion globally. China Unicom is committed to playing a fundamental role in the construction of information technology. In the era of 5G and IoE (Internet of Everything), China Unicom has a special role in promoting innovative integration of 5G technology and application, and therefore China Unicom IoT was founded to cooperate with international partners in the IoT resources, application and capital and to build capability of operation and sales, invested with rich network resources and strong integrated operational capabilities.


At the time of global IoT, Unigroup and China Unicom will jointly innovate, actively promote the development of eSIM, discover new areas of application, e.g. from wearable devices to IoV, IoT, data terminals and so on. Taking security chip as our fundamental, we will carry out multi-dimensional cooperation and development to jointly make a new IoT ecosystem.